Thursday, April 8, 2010

come on baby light my fire.


















i want to have more fun, i want you all to have more fun in more purer way, i don't think i need television but need more time to listen read hear watch see walk work and think and think and think and express, i need more books to inspire me, i want more friends to entertain me inspire me, i am going to hong kong at the end of this month, i would like to watch the movie called mileage, my life, i love iggy pop more than ever, i want to have more fun with you all, i am looking for my passport that i'll need again but seem like i cannot find tonight, i am looking for my contact lens that i lost this morning which was sad, i am looking for something in a way that i can enjoy myself more and that we as with my friends can enjoy this our beloved life on this beautiful and shitty earth, i want to unite, i want to be alone, but i want to unite and be bonded in trustful friendship and conquer this all shit with you all, i am sleep as you are now, i am tired as you are now, i am having fun as you might be, i want to peace and excitement, i am junker than any other junkies, i have been always excited this year so far somehow anyhow with you. the last but not least i love to listen to the songs about fucking steve albini.

all are true stories.

the end (beginning).

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